The Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden forms part of the 2% remnant native and endemic forests that remains in Mauritius.
The Garden has a rich biodiversity endemism of flora. Several critically endangered endemic and indigenous plant species are presence in the valley such as the Eugenia bojeri (Bois clou), Pandanus iceryi (Vacoas), Sideroxylon grandiflorum (Tambalacoque), Diospyros boutoniana (Ebene marbré à grosse feuilles) and Olax psittacorum (Bois Perroquet).
The Foundation has published two interim inventories on endemic and indigenous flora
     ·  Interim Inventory of Native Species within the Endemic Garden. (Download – 3.0Mb)
     · Interim Inventory of Native Plants within the Valley.  (Download – 5.43Mb)