The Vallée D’Osterlog Endemic Garden encloses 275 hectares of sub humid mountain forest.
The Valley is a meeting point with nature in its most raw and authentic state. Visitors will be indulged in an illusionary, heaven world, generated by spectacular viewpoints, lofty spots and patronizing hill tops which sculpt an amazing scenery of pristine green forests, complemented by nature ‘add-ons’ of crystal clear snaking streams and idyllic waterfalls cascading over rock pinnacles and mountain flanks.
Such a nature adventure, backed up by picnic spots will make you feel as relaxed, peaceful and delighted with your family and dear ones.
At the end of this soothing visit, you will acquire an educative experience with a different mindset and knowledge for an efficient protection of the environment. 
A sense of belonging will be created between man and nature, coupled by a deeper realization of the signified meaning of the endemic biodiversity of Mauritius, as it forms part of our natural heritage, thus, our national identity and hence a part of us.