Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden is a small jewel of biodiversity and is one of the last preserved nature sanctuaries of Mauritius. The Valley is a reference among eco-tourism sites and is located in the south-east of the island nestled in between Mountain Lagrave and Mountain Laselle of the Créoles Mountain Range. Its ascension will unveil a unique breath-taking panoramic view over the Centre and South of the island. “The higher you go, the further you’ll see.” This Chinese proverb, virtuous as it may be, exactly defines a rather unique trip when visiting the Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden and the wonders it unfolds.

The Valley is a natural heritage and has a magnificent picturesque landscape with an emerald green of an authentic native forest. It stretches over 275 hectares and astride the districts of Moka and Grand Port and is a much sought after spot for outings and for a hike through an exceptional endemic flora and fauna.