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Endemic Garden Foundation (Under the aegis of Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security)
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About the Garden

About Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden
The Garden is unique due to its existing rich biodiversity endemism of several critically endangered species and presence of some of the rarest indigenous / endemic plant species including Tambalacoque (Sideroxylon grandiflorum), Ebène Marbré à grosses feuilles (Diospyros boutoniana), Bois Clou (Eugenia bojeri), endemic fauna species such as Hypsipetes olivaceus (Mauritius Bulbul – Merle), Zosterops mauritianus (Mauritius Grey White-Eye) and due to the spectacular viewpoints, waterfalls, naturals ponds, cliffs, glades, several elevated spots and hilltops commanding splendid sceneries of the surrounding forests.

The Foundation seeks to conserve, preserve and protect the environment, the flora and fauna of the garden, while simultaneously enriching the garden with additional specimens of endemic flora and fauna found elsewhere across the Republic of Mauritius.

The Vallée D’Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation intends to open the garden to the public and create recreational activities inside a structured and designed garden while taking care of this beautiful natural environment.
The citizens of Mauritius will enjoy healthy leisure activities (walking, cycling, and climbing) compatible with an endemic garden and learn about the specimens on display in the garden.
The Vallée D’Osterlog is in the implementation phase and for the time being is not opened to the public