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Endemic Garden Foundation>News>Launching of Interim Inventory of Native Species by the Honorable Dr. Arvin Boolell, Minister of Agro-Industry and Fisheries


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Launching of Interim Inventory of Native Species by the Honorable Dr. Arvin Boolell, Minister of Agro-Industry and Fisheries

Date: May 22, 2008


Vallée D'Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation
Minister Arvin Boolell launches inventory of native species

Dr. The Hon. Arvin Boolell launched the first inventory of endemic plants at the Vallee D'Osterlog Endemic Garden, near Le Val on Thursday 22 May 2008. He also unveiled a wooden sign post of the valley.
According to Minister Boolell, it is important to attract the interest of scientists, researchers and institutions to collaborate with the Vallee D'Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation for projects related to endemic flora and fauna. "
The Garden is an additional contribution to the national and regional effort of meeting the 2010 Biodiversity target, i.e. a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss ", he said.
The Vallée D'Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation has been selected as it holds a great diversity of plant species of great conservation value which support scattered remnants of native vegetation. The Vallée D'Osterlog is situated in Le Val region, in the districts of Grand Port and Moka. Access is by a tarred road midway on the left side between Midlands/Banane and Cluny Road. This tarred road, after several deep turns, leads to the bottom of the Vallée d'Osterlog where it bifurcates, the left one towards the North West direction leads to the Osterlog garden.
Plants are known to thrive in their natural habitats. The Foundation aims at successful conservation and would avoid environmental degradation. A survey has been established to document on the distribution and abundance of native and endemic species. The work has started. A first interim report on inventory of plants within the garden has been published by the Foundation. The identification process needs to be continued and the Foundation would ensure that endemic plants are kept safely.
The term endemic means that species are restricted to a certain region. They can be found on a particular place and nowhere else in the world. We need to preserve the extraordinary diversity of our flora and fauna which have evolved over centuries with the rigours of nature and have developed certain species. We know that out of 711 species over our Island it has been reported 300 species are endemic to Mauritius. A high percentage approximately 80% is threatened. Mauritius has been reckoned as being the third country with the highest percentage of threatened plants
Speech by the Honorable Dr. Arvin Boolell

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