The Foundation is committed to conserve, restore and protect the endemic flora and fauna within the Garden. 
Our work consists of In-situ conservation and Ex-situ conservation
In-situ conservation
In-situ conservation (or habitat restoration) involves control of invasive plant and animal species.
Weeding and cutting down of exotic plants are being carried out to control invasive plant species.
Spot weeding around individuals of critically endangered plant species is being done to maximize seed collection for ex-situ species recovery.
Ex-situ conservation
A nursery has been set up for the propagation of critically endangered species and other endemic plants which will be used for restoration work.
Seeds collection for propagation of plant is the most common method used. However, for many rare endemic species seeds are not readily available and techniques such as grafting and tissue culture should be used for propagation.
Currently, the Foundation is mainly multiplying endemic/native plants through seeds.