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Endemic Garden Foundation (Under the aegis of Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security)

The Foundation

The Foundation is a corporate body established under the Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation Act 2007 and it operates under the aegis of Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security.


The Foundation has the following statutory objects and functions:
to manage, administer, conserve, maintain and develop the Garden;

to manage, conserve and maintain any historical monument or object, building or structure in the Garden;

to care for, conserve and preserve the flora and fauna in the Garden;

 to encourage visits to the Garden by members of the public by promoting the unique value of the Garden and, in so doing, to enable them to acquire greater knowledge about the endemic flora and fauna within the State of Mauritius;

to ensure the protection of the environment and flora and fauna in the Garden;

to control and remove all species which can be harmful to the Garden;

to disseminate knowledge with respect to endemic flora and fauna through publications and other means;

to procure specimens of endemic flora and fauna for the purposes of the Act;

to obtain scientific data, assemble collections, produce audio and video materials and engage in scientific research on endemic flora and fauna;

to set up, maintain and develop a nursery and such other facilities as it considers appropriate for the multiplication and propagation of endemic flora and fauna;

to establish linkages with similar bodies and with research and extension institutions engaged in matters pertaining to horticulture, biology and related activities