The Garden is accessible through a 4km ride from Le Saint – Hubert Village.

Vallée d’Osterlog Endemic Garden is a 275 hectares of pristine forest located in the south-east of the island nestled in between Mountain Lagrave and Mountain Laselle of the Créoles Mountain Range.

Environmental Information

Physical Features


Geophysical features: The mountain slopes and ridges form part of an ankaramite basalt from the old lavas of about 5-10 million years. The basaltic flows and layers of agglomerate of the old series generally lie sub horizontally with a gentle seaward slope, not exceeding 15-20 degrees. The basic dykes intruding the old series are sub vertical or vertical and trend southwest northeast. The trachytic plugs in general form prominent hills from Montagne Laselle to the northeast of Eau Bleue reservoir.

Soils: The soil is composed of humic latosolic brown forest. The soils are dark brown to reddish brown silty clays or clays with weak file differentiation and friable throughout the solum although structural development is weak. They contain more organic matter (5%-7%) than the low humic latosols but silica and bases are more depleted. Iron and aluminum sesquioxides have been concentrated throughout the solum but no obvious individualisation of concretionary nodules has occurred. Generally manganese dioxide is absent.